Saturday, April 26, 2008


Due to a certain fear that my grandson has, for the last year or so, I have been flirting with writhing a children's book. Actually a series of books. which provide both fun and adventure and help kids deal with some of the more common fears.

My first story will be to introduce the characters and then to approach each fear with the characters making it easy to dispel the problem many children have with common things, like dogs, cats, water, clowns.

As I said, I've been flirting with this idea for quite a while, until LAST NIGHT!

I was having one of those nights when sleeping is just a name for having your eyes closed while you sit upright in bed! Suddenly, all the characters, and many of the plots were laid out into my head ALL AT ONCE!

I have managed to figure out some of the things that children cope with though terrified, but could use some input as to other things either you or your children, or your grandchildren deal with. These ideas would help in not only research, but may end up as a book for them to cope with as well.

So I am asking that you let me know what it is that scares your kids and yourself. ASK others as well to stop by and have a little input.

I know I would appreciate it.


Molly Daniels said...

The dark.
Monsters under the bed/in the closet.
Mommies leaving and not returning.

j lynn rogers said...

My kids shared some of the same things but...My daughter seemed to be fearless.

I was afraid of everything! OH wait a minute Still am! lol