Thursday, April 24, 2008


Ah, with so much beautiful weather outside, it's inspiring.

I can just feel that somewhere between the blossoms on my fruit trees and the birds singing that ANY moment now, I could break out in a show tune. NOT, but sounds good doesn't it?

I do find the weather we've been experiencing in Southern Indiana inspiring. Somewhere between hearing kids playing outside, the smell of fresh grass clippings, the blink images of rabbits and squirrels, many of the stories I've conjured over the winter months are given color.

So in the next few weeks I plan on trying to "HACK" out a few of the more complete thoughts. I will try to post excerpts here and there, just for good measure and feedback.

1 comment:

Molly Daniels said...

'To dream, the impossible dream...'

Sorry. Watched 'Two and a half Men last night, and that was the only show tune to start singing in my head!